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General Rules

Post by Hisae on Fri May 08, 2015 7:20 pm

BEHAVIOR what sort of person should I be?
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Though I find it hard to believe that I would have to explain to anyone common etiquette or decency, the rules for the roleplay in general (as in, for OOC interaction between colleagues,) will be listed here. Any and all inability to perform according to the rules (as a standard) will result in disciplinary action. I can surmise we're all grown-up enough here to understand and follow rules, so, here we go:

• Follow the Golden Rule

      “Treat others as you would like to be treated.” Do not make fun of anyone for the way they RP or what their interests are, this includes “newbies” and “literates” alike. Joking around is fine, but if someone is offended, you've drawn the line. If someone asks you to stop doing something, politely acknowledge their request.

• Do not be afraid to contact Administration.

      Before a situation spirals out of control: Contact a moderator! Ask for a mediator. Do not let the situation get any worse than it is. Step away from the argument or debate and wait, cool off; until your message to the Staff Member is responded to.

• Be yourself. Be real.

      Speak your mind, say your peace. This roleplay should be an environment conducive to you being able to be yourself, and to make friendships.You should not feel like you have to isolate yourself from anyone.You should not feel like you have to act a certain way.

• No spam. No junk. No advertising.

      Can't stress this enough. We do not like spam!Do not advertise your roleplay or anyone else's roleplay, in this guild. It's grounds for expulsion. This guild is for roleplaying and socializing purposes only. If anyone would like to post an OOC topic, do so in the "OOC subforum."

• Pay attention to where you're posting!

      Make sure your thread is going into the relevant subforum. If you're not sure where that is, ask! We are more than happy to answer.With that being said, the home page is for stickies only, for easier access.If you happen to post in the wrong place, let us know. We can move it for you!

ROLEPLAYING what should I keep in mind?

• Follow typical RP Etiquette!

      This is a very, very big one. Do not do anything to someone else's character without clearing it with them first.(...unless the person you're rping with is okay with anything you do!)Follow T1 rules and regulations, though, typically common sense works too.Be communicative with your rp partners.

• Commitment! Don't leave people hanging!

      If you join a thread, you're obligated to continue it.If there's a reason you cannot post, or do not feel comfortable posting, inform the people in the thread.They can either find a way to 'escort' your character out of the scenario,or help to find a solution to the issue.If you cannot be online due to real-life, let them know! If you don't want them to continue without you, ask them!

• Don't stress! Just write!

      Do your best, no one is judging you.Roleplaying is for fun and excitement, not for competition.We don't expect you to write like a prodigal saint of literature;Come into a thread with an open mind and a vivid imagination.

• Commit to your character.

      Stick to your character sheet. Stick to your choices.It's fun to have oddities every now and then, but it can be a pet peeve to other roleplayers.If your character is a templar who suddenly kills other templars:that's not conducive to your character.Develop things out properly. If you need help with this, ask!If you think that you need a second opinion (whether you might think it's OP or otherwise...)Ask a moderator!


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